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We specialize in the Fuel utilized by shipping companies for fueling their marine fleet World Wide which is commonly referred to as bunker fuel. Currently, fuel oil is the most widely used bunker fuel. However, apart from fuel oil, other middle distillate fuels are also utilized as bunker fuels. Bunker fuel costs account for approximately 70% of the total voyage expenditure for a vessel.

The bunker industry, has two primary kinds of fuels currently being used; distillate fuel and residual fuel. Among the two, residual fuel accounted for around 75% of global bunker consumption. The residual fuel oil segment comprises intermediate fuel oils (IFOs), among which IFO 380 and IFO 180 are the most preferred fuel grades

Our Staff come from all backgrounds of shipping. Our Bunker Team have served the bunker industry for 25 years continuous which has enabled us to build up a wealth of contacts with the World Wide Bunker Suppliers.

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