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For Worldwide Lubricant requirements we have agreements with all reputable oil companies. Our supply network spans over 1000 ports in over 100 countries. We serve our customers needs, either on a spot basis or under contract. In both cases the prices and credit we offer are very competitive and relate to existing market conditions. Our main interest always is the quality of these products. We combine volumes and obtain discounts from oil companies through joint purchasing. Thanks to our purchasing power, we can offer our clients price advantages on a wide range of services. South East Bunkers has the required know-how and experience for operational and full technical support / service not just the economical benefit.

In recent times we are seeing ship owners who have traditionally purchased on a contract only basis now focusing on the spot market for these lubricant requirements. This may be due to vessels calling non listed ports, uncompetitive agreements, or inadequate communication when dealing with the physical supplier. These are some of the very reasons we are an excellent solution for your requirements. We have a comprehensive portfolio of spot suppliers which will be able to assist you greatly. In addition, we can always ask oil companies for technical support, for instance by drawing up lubrication charts for vessels.

Please contact us or send us an online enquiry accordingly for further information.